Ingenious Active
Ingenious Active

Ingenious Active

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Ingenious Active 25 Day - 100 capsules

A unique blend of patented ingredients formulated for the active person. 100% natural, Ingenious Active will boost energy levels, increase endurance and reduce post-work out recovery time.

Combining the latest developments in Western cosmeceutical ingredients with highly concentrated fractions of traditional Chinese Qi herbs, Ingenious Active has been formulated for men and women who aspire to reach peak levels of physical fitness; whilst rejuvenating their body’s outward appearance.

Clinical trials show Ingenious Active will increase endurance in high-intensity exercise by up to 20% and decrease muscle damage by 69%. Furthermore, Ingenious Active helps maintain an optimal cell environment in muscle tissue, by removing old senescent cells which are responsible for ageing and ill-health.

Qi is the root of traditional Chinese medicine. Qi or ch’i, usually translated as ‘vital energy’, governs all aspects of biological and physiological activities in the human body. Stronger Qi is associated with better energy and physical stamina, and greater potential to ward off stress and other health ailments.

Take two capsules twice daily with food, (four overall during the course of a day) preferably morning and evening. Do not exceed recommended intake.