Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen
Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen
Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen
Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen

Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen

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Once we reach our mid-twenties, our bodies lose the ability to produce collagen at a rate of approximately 1.5% every year. Collagen peptide supplements can help combat this loss; however, despite what many claim all collagen supplements – liquid, powder, capsules or tablets – are degraded by the digestive action of the stomach before the collagen peptide is absorbed. That is until Ingenious Beauty arrived!

Ingenious Beauty uses an award winning, patented capsule which protects the collagen peptide from the destructive action of the stomach. The capsule ensures the collagen peptide passes through the stomach undamaged and reaches the small intestine (where 90% of absorption of occurs). No other collagen product in the world offers this advanced solution.

Our capsules also contain hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and the amazing antioxidant Astaxanthin. This triple active formula contains only the highest quality, natural ingredients. We use the lowest molecular weight collagen (over half the weight of the industry average) since it is easier for the body to absorb. In a 12 week clinical trial, this triple active formula is proven to significantly improve the quality of the skin of 98% of women tested.

We recommend taking three capsules daily. The best time to take them is before bed. While you sleep your body goes into ‘repair mode’ so this is the ideal time for the ingredients to work their magic.

The capsules are most effective taken on an empty stomach (or at least an hour after eating). This is because the capsules are designed to pass through your stomach intact and only break down in the small intestine, where you will absorb the ingredients into your bloodstream. Taking the capsules therefore with little or nothing in your stomach allows them to pass through the digestive system more easily.

If you prefer not to take all three capsules in the evening, you may split your dose and take one or two in the morning as soon as you wake. The important thing is getting the total of three capsules in during the day.

We recommend Ingenious Beauty for men and women over the age of 25 who wish to maintain and replenish their collagen & hyaluronic acid stores. It is also for those who want to decrease the number of free radicals in their bodies.

Ingenious Beauty raw materials have halal and kosher certification. It is also suitable for people with shellfish allergies. Ingenious Beauty is free from: gluten, dairy, wheat, artificial colours, preservatives, sugars or sweeteners, sulphates, caffeine, parabens, shellfish and soya.

All Ingenious Beauty ingredients are GRAS Certified, which means they are ‘Generally Recognized As Safe’. There are no known side effects of taking Ingenious Beauty and it does not interfere with other medicines or supplements. However, you should seek advice from your nutritionist or doctor if you have any concerns. It is not advised to take this supplement if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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